Residential Projects


Homeowners throughout Edmonton, rely on Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability (CES) to give them a family-friendly, ecological design and robust native plants to create an ecosystem that is designed to fit their needs.  

Allow CES to put their scientific research, and expertise in landscape design to help transform your backyard into an ecologically sustainable garden that will make your neighbours jealous.

Projects for your yard start from the soil to the tip of the tallest tree. We will quote you for the whole project, just the design, drop-off some native plants from our greenhouse,  or anything in between.

Give us a call and we will help you maximize the ecosystem of your backyard.

rebuild native ecosystem in a yard

CES works with homeowners to create beautiful native ecosystem designs for every square foot of outdoor living space. From beginning to end, CES will work to maximize ecosystem services of your yard. What does this mean exactly? It means assessing the soil, installing water filtration systems that filter out pollutants, and using the latest findings in botanical research to manage everything from pest control to pesky weeds.

Your ecosystem can be designed based on what you desire, and what the environment of your backyard can offer. CES will assess your site and collaborate with you to help grow the yard you've always wanted. 

Ecosystems range from prairie, wetland, and even edible native gardens. CES grows hundreds of native plant species to help your yard maximize its ecosystem potential

Mike was wonderful to work with, he listened to our requirements and provided a plan with high quality plant plugs. What a great experience!
— Tara and Martin

Client Story

Clark Ecoscience designed a native plant community for an empty area of our backyard, which was intermittently wet and dry. Fast forward 5 years and the plant mix adapted to the varying conditions, and thriving with little or no maintenance. The different flowers attract bees and birds, and provide colour to the garden all season long.