we grow native plants for a healthier ecosystem

Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability (CES) offers over 125 different beautiful, resilient native Alberta plant species for clients to choose from - from trees to flowers (forbs) to graminoids (grasses, sedges, rushes). These plants are used to rebuild forests, grasslands and wetlands. We give clients the opportunity to pick and choose the plants that they would prefer and can provide expert advice on where the species will thrive the best and how they need to be maintained to ensure survival.

Clients can also purchase plants and place them in the area of their choice. CES sits with clients to determine the right species for an area whilst still following the criteria the client has selected (such as colour and size). For each project we supply seeds that are collected as close to the project site as possible. This is important because it helps to maintain genetic diversity which ensures the plants will be more likely to survive disease, disasters or unfavourable conditions. CES does not buy seeds from mass producers, we take the time to visit native ecosystems around the Edmonton area to collect seeds for germination.

Our online store isn't quite ready yet, so please contact us to purchase plants. 

Sourcing plant material

If CES cannot produce plant material, we will find a collaborator to do so through interviews and industry references, production site assessments, quality of plant products, distance, experience, professionalism and price.

Call us for plant prices, as this changes depending upon species and the number ordered (e.g., 100,000 plants are lower individually in price than 10).