Why Native Plants Are the Better Choice for a Changing World

This article by Emily Cook outlines how plants native are best used for landscaping around our buildings and filling our gardens with colorful, butterfly friendly flowers. Cook is the Outreach Specialist for the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network.

Designing for Tomorrow: The Future of Stormwater Management

We're very excited to exhibit at the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership Summit in Calgary! This 2-day event is to discuss the evolving role of ponds and wetlands and how they fit in the stormwater management toolbox. Check out the great line up of speakers and training opportunities at:

What Are Green Roofs?

Green roofs are a means of utilizing, typically, unused space by growing vegetation on building rooftops. Green roofs are a collection of materials, including vegetation, growing medium, drainage filter, etc. These can be extensive by retrofitting them on existing building roofs or intensive through practices of incorporating them into the design of new buildings. They have a range of applications including capturing excess stormwater, aesthetics, insulation, wildlife habitat, and local food production. Check out the City of Edmonton website for more information and where green roofs are already established in the city.