Michael holds a MSc. in plant ecology from the University of Alberta and has eight years of experience rebuilding native ecosystems. His background is in Environmental Biology (BSc), where he specialized in wetlands. His efforts run from designing the ecosystems with other professionals (e.g., engineers), to work ensuring successful ecosystem rebuilding in the field, laboratories and greenhouses. Michael’s on site capabilities include assessing the landscape, soil, water, ecology and other ecosystem aspects that will support plant communities. Michael’s greenhouse work experience includes both basic plant production and scientific green house studies. Both have required his time manipulating moisture, soils, fertilizers and other variables to produce plants.


Michael's Role: 

Michael, oversees all steps in plant production from field material collection until it is processed in a laboratory. Michael also collects material (seeds and vegetation) to prepare and grow new individuals from. He carries out the majority of data analysis, reporting and design work. Many industry and academic partners have been involved in collaborations with him. Michael has co-authored scientific and technical papers about organizations adapting sustainability practices, invasive species diversity, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, and rebuilding native ecosystems.

Sascha Bachmann

Sascha holds a MSc. in forest biology and management from the University of Alberta and has three years of experience assessing native vegetation and conducting IPM site care. His background is in forest management (BSc) with exposure to biodiversity conservation management, forest and wildlife management, and landscape development for recreational use. At the University of Alberta, he gained experience in ecological restoration through applied research. He focused on vegetation and forest regeneration assessments and designed a forest floor protection plan. Prior, he assisted in investigations of succession and re-establishment of Alberta native wetland communities. Sascha is a certified applicator and strives to broaden the IPM practices and manage invasive species control more efficiently and sustainably.


Sascha's Role:

Sascha is a CES vegetation ecologist and field operations manager. Sascha is involved in conducting field assessments, vegetation installation and care, and applied scientific research. This includes data collection, statistical analyses, presentations, and reporting. He also designs site specific Integrated Pest Management plans, executes and supervises weed control as required for CCC and FAC applications. He works with Michael in project planning and evaluation, as well as communicating and publishing of results.

Greg Kelley

Greg Kelley (B.Sc.), comes with a background in biological sciences and an Environmental Technician – Field and Laboratory Diploma, and has been with CES since 2015. Greg has worked in research greenhouses within academia and governmental facilities, as well as in research laboratories, and in the environmental sampling field.



Greg provides a wide variety of services to CES. Starting with the greenhouse, Greg ensures the plants have the best start possible by working hard to replicate the balanced native ecosystems the species have adapted to. As the Field Supervisor, he works with the crews to ensure that vegetation is successfully installed at the sites, and work is done in a safe and ecologically friendly manner. Scientifically, he assists with field vegetation, soil and wetland assessments, as well as project reports. He also designs, constructs and installs equipment necessary for the greenhouse operations, experiments, and plant and tree installations.