Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability Ltd. (CES) was founded in 2010. CES maximizes ecosystem services through native ecosystem conservation, restoration and rebuilding projects for citizens, industry, government, and non-profits.

CES started as an idea that Michael had while working on a picker truck. He took a look around and decided he wanted to learn more about changes in the environment, after hearing about climate change and biodiversity loss. It was at the University of Alberta where he learned about biology, geology, organic and inorganic chemistry, and finally ecology. While studying ecology, Michael began a second focus on sustainability - working with people to ensure today's resources are available for future generations. It was in this work that he had the idea to merge sustainability and ecology together and thus Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability was born.

I wanted to give Edmontonians, Albertans, and Canadians sustainable options.
— Michael R. Clark, Principal of Clark Ecoscience

From the planning, to building, to care, to understanding - CES can help any client, big or small, rebuild and care for native ecosystems, anywhere!

Contact us to help you contribute to making the world a better – more sustainable – place!