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Plant production

Plant production

No watering, fertilizer or pesticides (or mowing under the right conditions!), native vegetation is as sustainable as it goes: low costs long-term, the perfect ecological fit, and beautiful to appreciate all year round. See the lists! Call or email to order.


Understanding the sites in-depth means that the future native ecosystems have the highest ecosystem function – and this can lead to cutting science as well.

veg after rains perking up

Home yard renovations

People can make Alberta more sustainable at their homes, and ensure that where they live is beautiful, delicious, resilient and positive steps forward for society and nature.

Larch Park - Native ecosystem rebuilding

From the soils up: the Larch Park Storm Water Management Facility is the first Edmonton SWMF that is a native grassland, forest, wetland rebuilt, aimed at becoming a native ecosystem fit for the Edmonton ecozone.

from desert to forest along the North Saskatchewan river


Multiple companies and governments are working hard to maximize their sustainability – and having CES help them. This can take collaborators in many directions!

Wetlands a healthy ecosystem with minimal invasive species

Integrated Pest Management

A plan for weed prevention, mitigation and elimination is essential to ecological success, with pesticides coming last - if ever used. Invasive species issues can be taken away with the right steps!

Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability

Whether you are an eco-responsible large scale developer or an owner of a back yard, Clark Ecoscience and Sustainability will work with you to maximize the ecosystem service values that come out of your restoration and native ecosystem rebuilding efforts.

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Our plant of the month for July is... 







Bunch Berry

Cornus Canadensis

Bunchberry is a plant that thrives in a conifer forest ecosystem. It likes acidic soil and has the ability to neutralize acid rain. This plant may also help reduce the effects of acid rain in an area that has been damaged by it. The berries of this species are enjoyed by birds such as Verios and Veerys.